From our modest beginnings in 1989, we have accomplished a great deal. We are proud of our domestic and international client base which testifies to our excellence. Our strong relationships with customers provide us the impetus to create industry-leading products. At all times in our journey, we have been guided by our core values.

Drive forward for technological expertise

Our workforce comprising of experts in rubber technology and skilled manufacturing professionals perfectly complement our state-of-the-art research labs, manufacturing facilities and advanced testing equipment. We invest in the learning and development of employees to make sure they stay abreast of the latest developments. Our R&D department continuously incorporates the latest technologies into our products.

Turn left for perfection

In all our endeavours, we use our left brain, as much as we use our right, to think objectively. The defect is in the details, and with our diligent attention to details, we strive to eliminate all defects to achieve superior quality.

Pull right for quality

We always endeavour to do the right thing. An unremitting focus on quality underscores all our processes from research and manufacturing to testing and customer service. Our quality management and assurance programmes are led by the CEO who regularly monitors and reviews their progress.

Take a U-turn for innovation

Many breakthroughs in science and technology have been possible through reversals of logic. We encourage our employees to think out of the box, innovate and put their ideas into action to continuously improve the quality of our products.