For over three decades, we dedicated ourselves to one overarching principle: deliver nothing but the best. This commitment to quality helped us become one of the most-admired brands in automobile industry. From tractors to tuk-tuks and scooters to motorcycles, our tyres and tubes set the benchmark for durability, safety and performance.

Today, Nandi is the trusted brand of choice for millions of customers worldwide. Guided by our focus on cutting-edge R&D, manufacturing excellence and quality, we have created a diverse array of products for different vehicle types. With innovative tread patterns and the finest polymers, we expand the frontiers of excellence with every product we make.

Our core strengths:

  • Extensive technological expertise
  • World-class infrastructure and equipment
  • Deep-seated customer delight philosophy
  • Transparent and open work culture

From our base in Hyderabad, we export to several emerging and developed markets around the world. Our state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities are known for world-class equipment, highly-skilled personnel and global best practices. Given our obsession with quality, we fully own and operate our manufacturing facilities.

Since 1989, we have had an inspiring and eventful journey, where the scenery has continuously changed, but the direction and destination remain constant: quality and customer excellence. We understand that this journey will never end, which is why we adopt a mind-set of continuous improvement.

We bring together the collective passion, energy and talent of 1500 minds and hands to create a high-performance organisation that generates lasting value to all stakeholders. We strive to create a culture of openness, transparency and teamwork. Together, we are building the Nandi of tomorrow.