Board of Directors

Under the visionary leadership of Mr. ChallaVijaya Kumar Reddy, Nandi institutionalized best practices in research, manufacturing, testing and quality across the company that enable us to consistently bring the finest products to market. In a world that values quality, we are thoroughly equipped to win customer loyalty with first-rate products on par with international standards.

Our management team includes:
Challa Mallik Reddy (Founder & Chairperson):

The success of Nandi is the result of ingenuity, determination, passion and hardwork of Mr. Challa Mallik Reddy. From a small manufacturer of automotive tubes, under his leadership, Nandi has become a name to reckon with in the country’s automobile industry. The strength of Nandi today owes much to the core values of honesty and hardwork laid down by Mr. Challa Mallik Reddy.

Challa Bharath Kumar Reddy (Managing Director):

Mr. Challa Bharath Kumar Reddy is a commerce graduate and has vast experience in manufacturing and operations. He plays a critical role in day-to-day operations of the company, presides over manufacturing unit, production requirements and resource management. Responsible for internal competency building, Mr. Bharath Kumar Reddy nurtures talent development and innovation initiatives across the organization. He also leads the organizational Quality and Safety initiatives.

Challa Vijaya Kumar Reddy (Chief Executive Officer):

Mr. Challa Vijaya Kumar Reddy is a postgraduate in business administration and has rich experience in finance and marketing. He focuses on Nandi’s strategic partnerships and drives growth initiatives. He brings diverse management expertise to lead sales and marketing, exports,finance, policy frameworks and implementation of global best practices. An avid traveller, he has travelled across continents and has exposure to different business environments.